Sunday, December 23, 2012

How can you tell?

In my opinion, American girls have lost a lot of their femininity by evolving into a logical species, unlike their female counterparts from Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova. Ukrainian girls, Russian girls, Moldovan girls, and any other FSR girls are quite intuitive in my opinion. Many of them could blow up like a volcano on less than a moment's notice. Often times, I find their thought process or their decision making process devoid of logic.

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, lived in central Florida three separate times throughout my life, spent more than 13 years living in southern California, and even lived in Illinois and spent quite a bit of time in Chicago. So, I feel my experience has been broad enough to draw some conclusions based on what I've seen an observed about American women.

All Ukrainian girls are searching for love, similar to every other girl on the planet. However, they want to find that one guy who staggers their heart with a sucker punch of love. They want to feel that special feeling all girls feel when they fall in love.

A psychologist might call this feeling addiction, but a romantic would most certainly label it love. I had a client here in Odessa Ukraine recently from Idaho who only communicated with a small list of Ukrainian girls, Russian girls, and Ukrainian girls and finally decided on one from Moldova. This particular girl was actually from Transnistria. The Moldovan girl and our man from Idaho had been communicating via an internet dating website for almost 6 months. During that time, this man believed he had developed feelings for the Moldovan girl. So, he arranged and paid for her and her translator to visit Odessa for a week in order to meet them both. He was not a wealthy man. He was middle class at best, after after a divorce, he had been financially hit hard.

Just imagine the cost of this little venture. After spending at least $1,000 on the website in order to communicate with this Moldovan girl, he paid about $100 per day in hotel room, about the same in food, and more in entertainment over the week he was here. Let's just say, minus the expenditures on the website, he probably spent about $4,500. Unfortunately, he started having feelings for this Moldovan girl right away, However, she didn't feel the same way. I understand enough about human behavior and the thought process of FSR (Former Soviet Republic) girls to tell you this girl was not interested in this man at all. He was not her type.

The expectations of our guy from Idaho were similar to the expectations I had when i first started dating Ukrainian girls 4 years ago, and I think they are similar to the expectations most Americans would have when dating. Any American guy would expect that spending 6 months communicating via the internet would have been enough for a girl to decide she is interested, and of course, meeting you would be enough impetus to move the relationship forward to the next step. By the next step, I mean some kind of physical affection, hugging, kissing, cuddling, and much more. However, that is not the expectation for Moldovan girls, Ukrainian girls, or Russian girl.

Western men, need to understand that these girls have been meeting guys like us, western men, for more than 15 years. We all understand that the vast majority of those meetings do not end with a happily ever after marriage or story of love. Because of this history, the culture of an FSR girl has evolved into a natural reaction of extreme caution A Ukrainian girl, a Russian girl, or a Moldovan girl rarely allows herself the freedom to instantly become attached or fall in love. She will proceed slowly, and the reality is, all of those letters, and all of that money spent on the website only gives you the right to go out a few dates with her in order to begin to examine if the two of you are compatible, that is all.

The next point to consider is the continued disappointment that men have created for FSR girls over the last 100 years in this culture, it becomes much more clear that a Ukrainian girl, a Russian girl, or a Moldovan girl will not usually move quickly to bond or connect or jump into consummating her relationship with an American or western man.

Coming to Ukraine can and will perpetually disappoint most western or American men. When our expectations are not met, we feel down and even disenchanted and angry.This is why I believe "having no expectations" is imperative to successfully finding and more importantly, to successfully keeping a marriage or relationship alive between an FSR girl and an American or western man.

Get here and meet her. Understand that nothing you do on a website can build a relationship better than being here in person and spending time with a Ukrainian girl, Russian girl, or Moldovan girl.