Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ukrainian Girl Shows Up

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I finish teaching at school at about 830 in the evening. This particular evening, I had just finished teaching, printed the copies for my exercise folders, and was at the receptionists desk checking students homework and about to head home when a very pretty girl came up behind me and said, "Hello Vincent! It is good to see you. Can we talk?"

I remember this Ukrainian girl, but I cannot remember her name. In fact, I hadn't seen her for about 9 months, So, I took her into one of our small classrooms, sat her down, and we started to talk. As she started to talk I remembered that she had worked at the Children's store below our school in the same building. I used to flirt with her quite a bit. But, she told me that I needed to stay away from her because she had a psycho, Middle Eastern boyfriend who hit her, was insanely jealous, and who controlled her life. She even switched to Islam for this man.

I had thought about this 22 year old Ukrainian girl last week, wondering if I should send her a text message since I realized I had not seen her in the store for quite some time. Well, she shared with me that she had quit working at the Children's store, gotten rid of her last phone, and moved back home to her parents house in a small town just outside of Kiev in order to get away from this guy. Now, apparently, things had calmed down, she had a new phone, a new job, and had returned to Odessa. She needed help, and of all people, she remembered me.

She wanted the phone number of another American I've met a few times who owns a hostel here. She needs an inexpensive place to say. My phone was at home charging, and although I didn't have his number, I had people on my phone who I thought would be able to give us his number. So, we took the three minute walk home to my apartment, and when she came in, she waited by the door. This Ukrainian girl was too uncomfortable to come inside. Finally, after a minute or two, she came inside and I showed her around. There was no flirtation, there was only apprehension and fear on her part. I showed her the extra room I have, and offered it to her for the next three weeks if it would help her to re-establish herself here in Odessa, but I am sure she isn't going to take it.

It took me some time and a few phone calls and a little waiting to track down this guy's number, but she just had to get out of my apartment. I could feel her antsiness. She was insanely uncomfortable. So, she left to go to where she is staying now. As quickly as she came in, she left. Nine months nothing, and then Bam! She's there. Then, one moment later, Bam! She's gone! I know I feel lucky and blessed I have become that specific guy who girls feel comfortable coming to in need. However, there is also a side of me who resents that side of me because I always seem to be alone despite all of my knowledge, wisdom, hard-work, and selflessness.

I guess that is why I am writing this blog, so that you guys out there do not have to spend your time alone like me. I hope someone finds this blog useful or helpful.

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