Friday, October 12, 2012

Ukrainian Girls

There are a series of misconceptions that have been formed about Ukrainian girls over the past 15 years and I would like to begin to dispel some of those myths. First, let's try to start from the beginning. There are over 1,000 dating websites, marriage agencies, and mail order bride websites claiming they can help men find the beautiful young Ukrainian girl of their dreams. These agencies and websites also claim they have the best and prettiest Ukrainian girls. Finally, they imply every one of these Ukrainian girls are dying to leave her country and marry a western man or foreign man.

Having lived in Odessa Ukraine since April 2009, I feel I have a good grasp on the mentality and intentions of most Ukrainian girls. I've been studying human behavior and specifically focusing on the behavior and thought process of females for more than 16 years. I've conducted thousands of interviews and am proud to say I've become a person women trust.

That being said, I just finished a one-on-one speaking class with a 27 year old Ukrainian girl whose mind was closed and who insists all people and all Ukrainian girls in her community think and feel similarly to her. She told me she just cannot understand why any person would ever want to come here to find a wife or partner. Also, she has worked at a company which supplies crews for ships and vessels into Odessa and out of Odessa ukraine. She has seen large groups of men come to Odessa and ask her boss to help them find Ukrainian girls for the night, for the weekend, or for the duration of their stay in Odessa. As a result, she is convinced 99% of foreign men are coming to Ukraine with the idea of only having sex with pretty young Ukrainian girls.

I know this is not true, but you need to understand there is a percentage of people and a percentage of Ukrainian girls who feel this way. If you are in denial and believe all Ukrainian girls are pining for the opportunity to leave their friedns, family, and home country, you are going to find the going tough. You are going to spend loads of time, effort, energy, and tens of thousands of dollars only to be disappointed. Understand, the Ukrainian girls on the websites don't always have the best of intentions. On the other extreme, there is the 15% of Ukrainian girls who think guys just want sex when the come here. You need to find a Ukrainian girl in the middle. Keep this in mind when searching for your dream Ukrainian girl.

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