Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ukrainian Girls - Blinded by Beauty

Originally posted July 31st, 2012

I went into this endeavor with the express intention of helping people. Unfortunately, not everyone is open to my help. Yesterday, I was with my American friend who also speaks Russian at McDonald's on Derebosivskaya, and while we were walking, he spotted an American with a tall pretty girl and an ugly translator in tow. My buddy walks right up to him and says, "We're here to save you from THOSE two girls!"

I almost started laughing right then and there!

I could see that this guy was not quite ready to open his eyes and open his mind yet. He said that he has been to Ukraine twice before, and only dealt with girls from that big website that I will not mention by name. However, he is finally realizing that the letters he sent were never read by the girls he though he was talking to.

He told us that his goal was to meet a girl within 30 days, spend an additional 30 days with her, and then get her to come back to America with him as his wife. He is clearly not really  understanding how Ukrainian girls think. I sent him a link to my blog and a portion of my book, but he has not touched those yet.

He did call me today, and I invited him to my school so that he could begin to see real Ukrainian girls who are not just money hungry and in a race to see what they can get, receive, or take from American men. He sat in my classes for almost 90 minutes.

I then introduced him to Alla. I have mentioned Alla in my book. She is the sweetest woman in the world. She is in her early 50s, and in the last 4 years, she has introduced many, many couples and had 24 marriages. In fact, when she talks to other small agencies, they tell her that they are happy if they have one marriage per year. She only averages about two male clients per week, and she has still had 24 marriages in the 4 years she has been a working matchmaker. Astonishing!!!

So, we are trying to help our American friend open his mind and open his heart on how to find and keep a Ukrainian girl. Good luck with that one.

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